13 January 2022

For specific notes regarding changes to the module.
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13 January 2022

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+ Blank book recipe should now recognize blank papers during crafting attempt
+ Fruit Juice now displays the correct requirements for making it
+ New hood created/found (Linen or Cloth) should no longer have penalty to AC
+ Bells sounds not working in the Coffinswode Keep
+ New wilderness areas marked as natural to allow Trackless step to work

1. Healing Related Changes: Due to the feedback we got from players we adjusted healing sources in certain spots. While we still have many more action items to choose from about healing, we will not implement them all at once(Or at all) but rather implement and observe:

1.1 We have reverted the change to vanilla Cure Minor Wounds and Cure Light Wounds spells, which cut their healing power in half. Those two spell once more heals the same as vanilla NWN.

1.2 We adjusted the recipe/blueprint of both Small and normal Medical Kits, to allow a chance to craft more than one bag in a single crafting session.

1.3 We adjusted the Flotsam loot tables to introduce more medical kits to possibly drop. These will also be added to other loot tables in the near future.

1.4 We have slightly adjusted the HTF system in regards to how resting works indoors and outdoors:
- If you are an outdoors character(Your Ranger+Druid+Barbarian levels is more than half your total levels) you will get penalized when sleeping in artificial areas, and incentivized when sleeping in natural areas
- If you are an indoors character(Ranger+Druid+Barbarian levels are less than half your total levels, or non-existant) you will get penalized when sleeping in natural areas, and incentivized when sleeping in artificial areas!
- If you have equal number of classes(I.E 2 Ranger / 2 Wizard) you dont get any penalty but also dont get any incentive
- Penalty/Incentive affects the amount of fatigue you restore, which affects directly the amount of HP you recover during resting

2. Added some additional chance for cloths to drop in flotsam for all the raggy people

3. Survival System Related releases:
We have identified that it is crucial to have a survival system in place for those who seek to live outside the normal hamlets and be self reliant. Over the next few days we will slowly release more and more features to enable that. Our first part of it is:


- You are able to erect tents in un-populated areas(So obviously NOT Towns, Keep, etc) using a dedicated Tent kit. The tent kit can be crafted, purchased or found in loot tables.
- Erecting a tent requires you to be trained in Fieldcraft/Survival Skill and pass a certain DC
- Successfully passing the DC allows you to set down a tent placeable. After completing its setting up the kit will move to its inventory.
- The tent is intractable and allows you to store limited amount of items inside it. The storage is NOT persistent!
- Once you remove the kit from within the tent, you will begin to dismantle it and pack it back into the kit which will lose a charge in the process.
- Owners of the old Deer Hide Tent Kit will have a new version given to them upon logging in
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